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The image disappears when the parent of the weight setting is selected first.

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If you select the sub-bones during weight setting first, the image will not disappear.

This has occurred since the 3.8.82 version was deployed.


It hasn't been seen since we upgraded to version 3.8.83, but I'm attaching it just in case. When the mesh image was replaced with another image, the image disappeared when the 'mesh' of the image properties at the bottom of the treeview was turned off.

I wrote it using a translator because my English is not good. Thank you.
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Hello, thank you for letting us know about the bug! Indeed using your steps I can reproduce the bug also on our projects!
I've opened an issue to track this here:
Mesh disappears after binding it to the direct parent bone · #528 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor

Unfortunately I didn't have the same luck with the second problem you mentioned, but you said you haven't seen it after the upgrade, so hopefully it was solved already.

Thank you for helping to make Spine better!

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Thank you for your quick feedback!
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