Every time we try to export a PNG/JPG of a single frame from the CLI, we are getting and empty image or transparent (if transparency is enabled).

When we tried to export the full animation, it doesn't matter the output format (image or video), we realised that first frames are exported with a fade in effect, exactly the same fade in effect that you can see every time a new instance of Spine is opened.

Looks like there is bug when opening Spine from the CLI because it shouldn't perform the fade in effect, or wait to export the image/s after the fade in effect is finished.

As you can see in the image, the action is performed via command line, and when the Spine is opened the fade in effect appears while the images are being exported. This image is made exporting with Spine 3.8.84, but we have been testing this feature since 3.8.59. As a note, this feature was working in Spine 3.6


The result is also attached, showing the first frames of the gif with the effect.


The JSON configuration file is as follows for a video:
"class": "export-avi",
"name": "AVI",
"project": "/Applications/Spine/examples/spineboy/spineboy-pro.spine",
"output": "<output-path>",
"open": false,
"exportType": "animation",
"skeletonType": "single",
"skeleton": "spineboy-pro",
"animationType": "current",
"animation": null,
"skinType": "current",
"skinNone": false,
"skin": null,
"maxBounds": false,
"renderImages": true,
"renderBones": false,
"renderOthers": false,
"linearFiltering": true,
"scale": 25,
"fitWidth": 0,
"fitHeight": 0,
"enlarge": false,
"background": {
"r": 1,
"g": 1,
"b": 1,
"a": 1
"fps": 30,
"lastFrame": false,
"cropX": 0,
"cropY": 0,
"cropWidth": 0,
"cropHeight": 0,
"rangeStart": -1,
"rangeEnd": -1,
"pad": false,
"msaa": 0,
"outputType": "singleFile",
"animationRepeat": 10,
"animationPause": 2,
"encoding": "PNG",
"quality": 0,
"compression": 6,
"audio": false
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Thank you for providing detailed info, I was able to reproduce the problem and I've opened an issue to track it here: CLI exports images with initial loading frames · #538 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor

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Thank you @Erikari!
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