Do you guys have plans to do a exporter for Corel Painter 2020. Why I ask is this software you pay onces and own. No on going subscription cost like Adobe software (Photoshop). For me, it's about getting cost down.
Corel Painter = once as long as your happy with current version
Spine = once
ZBrush = once
Blender = free
Maya = stop using.
Photosho = on going. I like to move away
Krita = free. I'm only starting to look at this as I see a exporter has been written.
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I understand why you might want to move away from Photoshop, it's not like the subscription model has made Photoshop any better, quite the contrary if you ask me. However, I'm afraid we don't have plans to do an export script for Corel Painter.

I would suggest taking a look at Affinity Designer. It's a great alternative to Photoshop, I'm considering making the change myself. Affinity Designer used to have a Spine export option, but I'm not sure if that's still a thing.

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