Hi, I have some difficulties in workflow.

1. Create "white" skin in photoshop.
2. Export it with photoshopToSpine script.
3. Import it into the spine.
4. Create rig and animation.
(Everything is fine.)

4. Create "black" skin in photoshop.
5. Export it with photoshopToSpine script.
6. Import it into the spine...


1. Why is the "black" skin shifted by few pixels? To fix this, I need to copy rotation/x/y from "white" skin for each part. If rig consists of many parts/skins, it takes a lot of time. I mean a LOT. Is there any way to avoid this. Maybe I missed something?


2. How to create a linked mesh between the "white" bicep and the "black" bicep?
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Hello! When you import your step1 Json in your step1 Spine file, you'll see it is also not matching the position. This means you changed the position of the images in setup pose when you created the bones. This is due to an imprecise IK creation. If you delete the IK, you'll see the images match again.

Luckily, this is easy to fix: to create a prefectly centered IK target that won't make your bones move do as follows:
1. Select the forearm bone
2. Make sure that the Parent axis is selected
3. In the properties panel, hit New>Bone. This will create a bone exactly at the tip of the parent bone.
4. Reparent the new bone so that it's not a direct child of the two bones you wish to constraint. (for example, parent it to the root bone)
5. Create the IK constraint! :D

From here importing new skins should run smoothly!


Regarding your second question: Meshes - Spine User Guide: Linked meshes

To create a linked mesh, click the blue linked mesh button in the mesh properties below the tree:

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Aha, IK, I get it.

About linked mesh. I saw this button. But I don't understand how it works in skins and text/video does not help much. I created linked mesh, renamed image path and got this :D

Screenshot (564).png


Nvm, I figured it out. I had to drag "arm black/arm" mesh inside "arm" skin placeholder while "arm black" skin is selected.
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