Is there a way to automatically detect and delete unused attachments (ones that are not part of any animation) ? For example - if i have used png sequence for some smoke effects, then changed its duration for multiple events by stretching key positions in time line. Some of the attachments are now excluded, and doesn't have keys but appear in the atlas. Is the only option for them to be manually found and deleted so they not appear in export atlas?
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Hello, we actually already have this on our roadmap, so I'll add your +1 to it!
[Find and Replace] Find and remove unused attachments · #200 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor

By the way, another quick way to do this would be to:
- filter the tree on attachments
- select all of the attachments (by pressing shift then clicking the first and last attachment for example)
- uncheck "export" in the attachments settings
- export

Because attachments that are keyed in any animation will still be exported, this will have the effect to exclude just the unused ones. Just make sure that all the attachments you want to export actually do have at least one key, perhaps that activated their visibility in an animation.

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