I don't understand, how slots are useful. It's actually just personal folders for each individual layers. When slots are "on", they took 2x more space in hierarchy than without them. So i'm making animations ignoring this feature in 99% of time, using them only to make opacity or change layer/mask order.

But when i'm working in mode that hides slots, and moving layers in hierarchy - they start to duplicate.

So after my rig is complete, each time, in layer order i'm having multiple copies of same layers.

This is how it looks:

Help :wounded:
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Probably you have taken actions that create new slots, like moving an attachment to a new bone. When you have slots hidden, you won't see that is happening.

Please read here:
Basic Concepts - Spine User Guide: Slots

Slots allow you to group attachments which will all appear in the same place in the draw order. This reduces the number of entries you need to manage for the draw order. For example, all swords can be under a single sword slot. In the draw order you just place the sword slot where you want it -- you don't need to place all the swords individually (there could be hundreds!).

You may wonder if bones can do this job, but they cannot. It is common to need multiple attachments on a bone, but have them in different places in the draw order. The link above gives an example (belly, shirt, pants).

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