Hey Folks... So I've been having an issue in that I've been trying to setup my Spine Mecanim object with an extra animation layer so I can animate material properties separate from the character animation states.

Usually I'd just animate all the materials in the same states as the base layer, however the looping of these material properties get a bit messy when states change, hence an additional animation layer is needed.

The issue is, the moment I add a new layer and change the layer weight to 1 (either Additive OR Override mode) I get Unity Errors and Spine will no longer play my animations at run time.

Is there a proper workflow for setting up my Spine Data/Character to work with animation layers that I'm unaware of? Trying to fix this issue for a work project rather quickly. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
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Please provide more context about which errors are raised. How exactly are you changing material properties? What do you mean by looping of these material properties?

In general, playing back Spine Mecanim animation clips should work normally on additional Mecanim layers, in either blend mode.

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