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So we have a SkeletonGraphic in the UI layer on a Canvas, and are trying to use an atlas to swap between a couple different skins. We have enough skins that we need multiple textures, and found out that we need to have all components from a given skin together on the same texture, since the SkeletonGraphic only supports one material at a time.

We could use the TexturePacker to create individual textures for each skin, and would use the following folder structure for image assets:


However, we're concerned about wasted space on the textures. Our desired solution would be to have groups of 2-3 skins packed in textures together to use more efficient use of space, but without having all the individual image assets together in one messy folder. Is it possible in any way to have the texture packer create textures based on the structure of the first folder level from the root and pack assets in subsequent subfolders together, not separately? See below:

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You can achive that by manually executing the Spine Texture Packer as described here. Be sure to enable Combine subdirectories in the Settings and select your directory pack1 or pack2 as target directory to pack. It will then pack all subdirectory assets into one atlas.

Make sure you haven't placed (or generated) a pack.json file in either of the subdirectories, otherwise these will end up on their separate atlas page, as described in the documentation.

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