Hi. First of all, thank you for your work, you have recently fixed a couple of very important for me bugs )))
I found a bug that leads to a crash in the game build only. In the UE4 viewport or in standalon mode, everything works without problems
At the same time, I understand that the reason for the crash is most likely my logical error and such a setup does not make sense, but still I think you should know about it
If I BindEventtoAnimationComplete and then try to use the received Entry for the SetMixDuration, then at some point the game build will crash. Not immediately not from the first animation, but within a minute some of the characters with this blueprint setup will cause a crash
Debagger says that the crash in this case is caused by SetMixDuration

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Thanks for the info. This looks as if the TrackEntry object is already destroyed and after that it is accessed (here by SetMixDuration(), but I guess it could be any method accessing a member variable). Unfortunately I'm afraid such situations cannot really be detected and prevented by the spine-ue4 code. In case we missed any elegant solution to this case we are always happy about any input of course.

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