Hello everyone,

First, I hope not to duplicate a subject, I've searched several times on youtube, google and in this forum and did not find a complete answer.

I'm creating animations for the first time (I am literally a noob), and I was wondering if there was a way to mirror a complete animation AND change its meshes (character's hair and so on) using Spine. I don't want to replicate the walktrough by creating a different animation,skeleton... from scratch...

So from there I was thinking about copy my current project lets say p1 in another project p2, replace some meshes and then on Unity mirror the p2 animation when the player goes the other way.

What do you guys think? Did I missed some crucial information or basic knowledge? Is there a better way?
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Hello! If you are going to just replace the meshes (which is a good approach) then you might want to add skins to your project instead:
Skins - Spine User Guide

Skins allow all the bones and animations for a skeleton to be reused with a different set of attachments without the need to make copies of your skeleton. This way, if at some point you decide to add more animations, all the skins will have them without the need to copy them over!

Since you're new I'll also specify: don't fall into temptation and leave skin bones alone for now. Some people see them and add the bones instead of the attachments to the skins. Follow the setup steps at the page I linked instead :D

Let me know how it goes, and welcome to the Spine forum!

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Hello Erikari, thanks for your quick reply! I forgot about skins while thinking too much about this mirroring problem.
I had a look at the skins page and have a lot of new ideas now.
As soon as I come back home this evening I will work on it.

And thank you for your welcome :)


Ok so I finally succeed to create two skins. But as I was following a video I duplicated the first skin to make the other. Everything was working except the order of the hair. As I have different hair in front of the face depending on the character's position (left side front or right side front), there was a little problem. But by copying the corresponding meshes and then switch them in the attachments I fixed the problem.

Thanks again
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