When [skin] tag is used on a group...

all the layers inside the group are put into a sub-folder.
only apply to a skin without putting into sub-folder. Unless [skin][folder] combination is used.

Lets say I have a large floor image shared between scene(Skin) A and B, because they are put inside a subfolder, they are not shared even if I use [path] tag. In reality, my scenes share lots of stuff instead of just a floor tile and the current [skin] forced subfolder design make things quite hard to deal with. Thats why I suggest just let [skin] tag do skin task and let [folder] tag do folder task.

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By the way, can you add a "dry run" mode for the script by skipping heavy process and just check for the correctness of the psd quickly? It should not take that long by just visiting the layers and checking for correctness.

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