Spine Changelog

Below you will find notes on the changes from one release to the next. For a higher level view of what we have planned for the future, please see the Spine Waffle.

3.7 Releases

27 Jun 2017

  • Fixed message about audio files not being loaded.
  • Fixed audio warbling when scrubbing, especially for small files.
  • Fixed decoding some OGG audio files.

27 Jun 2017

  • Added audio support.
  • Fixed keys disappearing at the left edge of the dopesheet when the timeline is zoomed out.

3.6 Releases

7 Jul 2017

  • Fixed clicking bone rotation checkbox when disabled in animate mode.
  • Fixed button icon scaling at small and medium font sizes.
  • Fixed minimum height for Timeline and Playback views.
  • Added skel.bytes extension to Import Data.
  • Fixed invalid project state in some cases from dragging across skeletons.
  • Better error messages are logged for WAV files.
  • Fixed tree not scrolling all the way down when the project has many skeletons.
  • Fixed file dialogs not remembering network paths.

23 Jun 2017

  • Fixed Preview crashes.
  • Fixed image file used icons after dragging into viewport.
  • Fixed dragging image file when toolbar is next to the tree.
  • Show mouse over for region attachments in animate mode.
  • Fixed crash dragging vertex in mesh edit mode.

21 Jun 2017

  • Fixed texture unpacker dialog.
  • Fixed crash right clicking a Preview track button before an animation is selected.
  • Fixed crash moving path position in animate mode.

19 Jun 2017

  • Fixed right click delete of first item on export file dialog not deleting.
  • Fixed adding a new key preventing existing curves from being applied.
  • Right click Preview track buttons to toggle the last played animation.

19 Jun 2017

  • Better weight colors.
  • Fixed Visibility hotkey for bones.
  • Fixed Set Parent hotkey for path and point attachments.
  • Fixed crash creating clipping attachment with Preview open.
  • Fixed undo allowing a bounding box or path to have zero vertices.
  • Fixed crash dragging a slot with a path to two different bones.
  • Fixed point attachments not showing their name when under a skin placeholder.

17 Jun 2017

  • Fixed viewport non-linear filtering.
  • Launcher updated.

17 Jun 2017

  • Slot color dialog and Slot Color view apply auto key has the color is changed, to better work with Preview.
  • Fixed Auto weighting when a linked mesh's vertices are selected.
  • Added Limit memory texture packer setting.
  • Can now select any number of bones, click Bind on the Weights view, then choose a mesh, bounding box, path, or clipping attachment.
  • Focusing a text field no longer prevents ctrl + ? hotkeys.
  • Added a vertical line to denote the original start/end when using key Offset.
  • Added Current skin scope to Find and Replace.
  • Removed square brackets from bone names in bone select boxes.
  • Added Cancel button to export progress dialog.
  • Fixed difficulty selecting bones with a pen while holding ctrl (cmd on Mac).
  • Edit button to choose new constrained bones and target for transform, path, and IK constraints.
  • Show linear line on Graph.
  • Added a progress bar to texture packing.

14 Jun 2017

  • Fixed images showing "loading" placeholder during key Offset.
  • Don't show parent bone arrows for hidden bones.
  • Improved line rendering.
  • Better arrow head scaling.
  • Colored track button when playing an animation on that track in Preview.
  • Preview tooltips.
  • Fixed minimizing a view with more than one tab.

13 Jun 2017

  • Optimizations for projects with many Bezier keys.
  • Fixed file dialog not opening in some cases.
  • Fixed Find and Replace not finding the right object types.
  • Added clipping attachments to Find and Replace.
  • Fixed ctrl exiting New clipping attachment mode.
  • Allow resizing warning dialogs.
  • Fix projects on load that have attachments in a skin that has been deleted.

12 Jun 2017

  • Fixed hotkeys on OS X.

12 Jun 2017

  • Fixed Show All Bones/Slots hotkey not updating the tree.
  • Fixed misaligned icons on minimized view buttons.
  • ctrl + alt + click removes a vertex from soft selection.
  • ctrl + alt + drag removes vertices from soft selection with box selection.
  • Added Hull vertices checkbox to Mesh Tools view.
  • Added First option to the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed slot blend mode being changed when multiple slots are selected.
  • Loop, mix, and alpha are stored per Preview track.
  • Fixed crash when adding a key to new animation with Preview open.

12 Jun 2017

  • Fixed crash opening file dialog.
  • Fixed missing and loading placeholder images not using the right texture filtering.
  • Fixed maximize/fullscreen size when using multiple monitors.
  • New hotkey Show All Bones/Slots, defaults to ctrl + H (cmd + H on Mac).
  • Fixed crash deleting slots/bones/etc with Preview open.
  • Warning if exporting JSON/binary and creating an atlas under a skeleton image folder.
  • Warning on export that attachment image file is missing if it has different case on Windows.
  • Fixed Preview crossfading on track 0 when the second animation doesn't key a value on frame 0.

11 Jun 2017

  • Import Project file dialog shows recently opened project files.
  • Separate favorite and browse dialog buttons.
  • Fixed Wacom modifier key events.
  • Optimizations for projects with many attachments (75,000+).
  • Fixed Create tool being unable to drag the new bone the first time.
  • Fixed selection groups containing a slot from selecting the parent bone in the tree.
  • Added -m / --clean CLI option to perform animation clean up (requires 3.6.25+ launcher).
  • Fixed OS file dialog not showing in correct directory.
  • Fixed project undo state after deleting entry from file dialog.
  • Fixed dragging a bone and descendants to another skeleton.
  • Fixed crash editing a mesh while using Preview.
  • Fixed key Adjust so it still works when Auto Key is off.
  • Fixed Preview not seeing a longer or shorter animation.
  • Fixed directory appearing in files list on file dialog.
  • File dialog no longer shows entries when the root of a path (usually the drive) does not exists, even when a path isn't required to exist.
  • Export dialog shows file extension that will be added when one is not specified.
  • FPS now shows "--" until the FPS is ready.
  • Added button in dopesheet to show/hide Graph view. If Graph is a tab, the active tab is toggled instead of hiding the view.
  • Key Offset when the first and last keys are not the same value is disallowed.
  • Fixed events being triggered incorrectly when loop start/end was used.
  • Fixed curves when using Key Offset.
  • Fixed orange frame number in timeline when dragging < frame 0.

5 Jun 2017

  • When a new animation is chosen in the Preview view, immediately load images for attachments shown in the animation.
  • Press spacebar or alt+B on any file dialog to browse.
  • Fixed ghosting affecting Preview view skeleton color.
  • Added Next Skin and Previous Skin hotkeys (default: , and . keys).
  • Improved Next Animation and Previous Animation hotkeys for projects with multiple skeletons.
  • Fixed Preview and Animation views' skeleton select box.
  • Fixed Preview collapse button.

3 Jun 2017

  • Fixed dopesheet vertical scrollbar width.
  • Preview view improvements and bug fixes.

1 Jun 2017

  • Added Preview view for playing back animations with mixing inside Spine, similar to Skeleton Viewer.
  • Fixed dragging image files to a slot.
  • Fixed path constraint position when dragging handle along the path.
  • New hotkey, Main Menu: alt+F. Can be followed by a letter, O for Open Project, S for Save Project, etc.
  • Linked mesh properties now show source mesh skin, if any, and clicking the source mesh makes the skin active so the source mesh can be selected.
  • Restrict Timeline view height so it doesn't look broken.

29 May 2017

  • Fixed attachments abandoned in old skin when a bone is moved to a different skeleton.
  • Allow pasting a file as a path into text boxes.
  • Pasting a file to a file dialog will choose that file.
  • Right click to remove a path from a file dialog.
  • Fixed file dialog when UI animations are disabled.
  • Fixed bone selection after dragging a bone to a different skeleton.

28 May 2017

  • Fixed images not loading for attachments shown mid animation.
  • Fixed crashes creating new attachments.
  • Fixed attachment not showing when creating a new slot + attachment at the same time.

28 May 2017

  • Bones, slots, and attachments can be dragged to a different skeleton.
  • Duplicate now prompts to also duplicate keys for bones, slots, attachments, and events.
  • Fixed polygon compensation when moving a bone that is a child of a bone that is constrained.
  • Favorite projects are no longer listed first on Recent Projects menu.
  • Fixed graph line size.
  • Pressing enter on a file dialog chooses the most recent. If filter text is entered, it chooses the first entry.
  • Fixed losing attachment visibility when undoing moving an attachment to a different slot.
  • Fixed Link sliders for transform constraint being disabled in animate mode.
  • Added hotkeys Auto Scroll (equivalent to tree button) and Scroll To Selected (for when auto scroll is off).
  • Fixed vertices not being updated in edit mode if the attachment isn't visible.
  • Fixed some problems with undoing changes to keys.
  • Fixed changing key curve type in graph not having an affect.
  • Changing beta setting prompts restart.
  • Allow dragging multiple attachments with different types at the same time.
  • Fixed duplicating a bone or slot that has linked meshes.
  • Attachments automatically renamed by moving linked meshes to another slot now have their path set so the image can still be found.
  • Fixed dragging linked mesh on to source mesh when source mesh is under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed draw order not showing correctly in the tree.
  • More detailed log messages when projects load with warnings.
  • Pressing ctrl (cmd on Mac) over UI widgets no longer triggers a mouse over in the viewport.
  • Fixed crash showing main menu regarding the recent projects submenu.
  • Fixed Save As not working the first time.
  • Fixed loading color keys in very old projects.
  • Fixed crash using undo when hovering tree node.

13 May 2017

  • Fixed keying issues.

12 May 2017

  • Huge performance improvements for projects with many attachments.
  • Loading dialog when opening project via Recent Projects menu.
  • Fixed crash keying an event.
  • Fixed not being able to selected vertices in mesh edit mode after the Spine window forcibly loses focus.
  • Draw deformed boundary lines for multiple vertices in mesh edit mode.
  • Improved deformed mesh edit mode when dragging multiple vertices and hitting the boundary lines.
  • Animated returning mesh vertex rotate tool icon to 0 degrees.
  • Fixed scale tool icon not changing size for mesh vertices.
  • Fixed selecting a second mesh when box selecting vertices.
  • Fixed Hide Selection hotkey to hide vertices during manipulation.
  • Fixed crash during project Save As.
  • Fixed rendering while project loads after choosing a file from the file dialog when Spine is maximized or fullscreen.
  • Fixed default interface scale on high DPI (2x+) displays.

22 Apr 2017

  • Added loop selection: hold shift when clicking an edge.
  • Tree highlighting for linked meshes.
  • Faster AVI RAW and MOV RAW video export.
  • Improved open dialog paths.
  • Remember selected bones in Weights view.
  • 4K support for Skeleton Viewer.
  • Convert paths stored in project file to the new open dialog.
  • Wider dialog text boxes.
  • Icon for main menu recent projects list.
  • Increased item spacing for main menu and select boxes.
  • Rounded edges and blue down state for select box selection.
  • Fixed clipping ghosts when ghosting only selected attachments.
  • Metrics view shows clipping metrics.
  • Fixed color keys when opening projects from before 3.6.

19 Apr 2017

  • Added weight painting.
  • Significant performance improvements, especially with mesh manipulation and undo/redo.
  • Fixed video with alpha export, supported codecs are AVI RAW, MOV RAW, MOV PNG, and MOV Animation.
  • Fixed slot color with zero alpha affecting clipping.
  • Don't fill background when clipping is selected and Others are hidden.
  • Icon for clipping end slot Set button.
  • When creating a slot for clipping, put it at the bottom of the draw order.
  • Clipping end slot defaults to same clipping attachment's slot (which clips until end of draw order).
  • Colored background in draw order to denote clipping.
  • New file choosing dialogs and smart logic.
  • Save Project As updates the skeleton image paths relative to the new project file location.
  • Added Wireframe checkbox to meshes to always show the vertices and edges.
  • Prevent flashing of Pies checkbox and bone dimming when dragging with Weights tool.
  • Selected checkbox on Weights view is now useful even when no vertices are selected.
  • Selected checkbox only shows pies for selected bones and vertices.
  • Added "select vertices" button to bones list on Weights view.
  • Faster auto weight calculation.
  • Preserve background color alpha when choosing image export formats.

8 Apr 2017

  • Fixed tree filter for attachments.
  • Fixed clicking slot label when bones are hidden in tree.
  • Fixed clipping end slot.

8 Apr 2017

  • Added clipping attachments for polygonal clipping areas.
  • Fixed tint black checkbox when multiple slots are selected.
  • Fixed tint black when duplicating a slot.
  • Update path constraint properties after dragging path position in viewport.
  • Fixed confusing UI state when playing an animation with no keys or all keys on frame zero.
  • Added separator between skeletons in the tree.
  • Fixed default UI scale for 4K (2x scale).
  • Fixed scrolling to selected tree node in some situations.
  • Allow selecting region attachments in the tree in animate mode by clicking them in the viewport.
  • Fixed ghosting Images setting.
  • Fixed tint black with ghosting.
  • Remember tint black setting when disabling tint black.
  • Fixed ghosting showing attachments hidden in setup pose.
  • Fixed texture unpacker dialog size.
  • Fixed dopesheet losing selection when the active tool is changed.
  • Fixed undo for changing attachment colors.
  • Fixed auto weight crash for Mac and Linux.

26 Mar 2017

  • Fixed images not being packed during data export if their name or path has a file extension.
  • Fixed Import Project, Animation when the source project has a region and the importing project has mesh deform keys.
  • Fixed crash when editing bounding boxes in animate mode.

21 Mar 2017

  • More audio playback improvements. New play.jar uploaded.
  • Much higher quality font rendering when using Interface scale.
  • Added Interface linear filtering setting to disable linear filtering when using interface scale.
  • Better initial settings for 4K displays.
  • Texture packer whitespace stripping now leaves 1px of whitespace on image edges that were stripped when duplicate padding is used.
  • Added back Reuse instance setting for Windows and Linux.
  • Hid Keyboard type for Windows and Linux.
  • Disabled changing the Spine version in the trial.
  • Fixed manipulating bones in setup mode for linked, weighted meshes.

16 Mar 2017

  • Improved Scale tool when dragging to adjust both axes and one is negative.
  • Fixed non-shadowed bitmap font render position.
  • Added Spine version to export dialog.
  • Duplicating a slot now changes viewport selection to new attachment.
  • Audio server improvements, loop audio when looping animation.

6 Mar 2017

  • Don't draw paths in outline view.
  • Updated fonts in launcher.
  • Added language: Traditional Chinese. Requires new launcher.
  • Fixed being able to undo changing the background color in the Settings dialog.

28 Feb 2017

  • Numerous fixes from 3.5.4X.

23 Feb 2017

  • Added point type to Find and Replace.
  • Turkish translations updated.
  • Fixed Auto mesh weighting for a coarse mesh with very small bones.
  • Don't write bone rotations outside the -180 to 180 range in export data.
  • Thicker graph lines.
  • Fixes from 3.5 releases.
  • Better Bone -> New constraint UI.
  • Auto weights now only modifies weights of selected bones and vertices. Select none for all.

21 Dec 2016

  • Added local and relative options to transform constraints.
  • Added Turkish language translations.

12 Dec 2016

  • Graph view now hides text on buttons and labels when resized smaller to reduce its minimum width.
  • Holding shift when creating a new bone via hotkey or the tree creates the new bone as a sibling of the selected bone.
  • Removed ability to create a Skeleton Attachment, which is a WIP and not yet ready.

10 Dec 2016

  • Fixed tree selection order when shift clicked from bottom to top.
  • Fixed image compensation for child meshes.

7 Dec 2016

  • Fixed New select box being disabled when selecting multiple bones.
  • Mouse over glow for weight pies.
  • Changed how meshes, paths, and bounding boxes are adjusted and how image compensation is applied to them.
  • Fixed shear compensation for meshes.
  • Removed shear compensation for bones, as it didn't work right and doesn't make sense.
  • Fixed mouse cursor on text fields in dialogs.

6 Dec 2016

  • Added bone Split button.
  • Better tree node expansion when doing box select.
  • Fixed selected tree node being scrolled under the tree properties.
  • Added Select checkbox to bones.
  • Fixed exporting attachments with file extension in their names.
  • Hiding a bone in the tree no longer hides dopesheet rows.
  • The events node and individual events in the tree no longer hide dopesheet rows.
  • Hiding events using the dopesheet filter now also hides the events in the viewport, above the skeleton.
  • Added texture unpacking to CLI.
  • Export warnings when a slot is hidden.
  • Export warnings when a project contains a mesh and Create atlas is checked.
  • Better warning messages for multi-skeleton projects.

2 Dec 2016

  • Added Tint black for slots. Requires special runtime support.
  • Added point attachments.
  • When setting a key, use the constrained local transform if the property being keyed is controlled 100% by a constraint.
  • Tooltips move with the mouse and are shown above the mouse so they can be more easily read.
  • Buttons on right edge of tree show a tooltip with the name of the constraint.
  • Items related to the selected item in the tree are highlighted.
  • Related items are highlighted when buttons on right edge of tree are hovered.
  • Show tooltip animation duration reduced (hover time unchanged).
  • Draw arrows between bones when hovering buttons on right edge of tree.
  • Improved arrow rendering.
  • High quality antialiased line rendering, even without MSAA.
  • Mouse over with Create tool shows only arrows up hierarchy to the root bone.

Older Releases

The changelog for older releases can be found in the changelog archive.