The SpineユーザーガイドビデオSpineユーザーガイドを密接にフォローすることができます。これらのビデオはユーザーガイドと同じトピックを取り扱いますが、より視覚的で実践的な方法でSpineを学べます。


The Animating with Spine videos teach you animation theory and how to apply those concepts in Spine. It is recommended to first understand the basics of how to use Spine as shown in the Spine User Guide.

Spine Twitchストリーミング


Older videos

A number of older videos are still available. While they still contain a lot of useful information, some features may have changed slightly since they were created.

Third party videos

These videos have been created by the Spine community. If you'd like your videos featured here, please contact us.

Russian - Русский

These Spine Tutorials in Russian made by Leo Salvador cover various Spine features.